Staging for the “Cove Project” is set to begin in December

Staging for the “Cove Project” is set to begin in December

The Cove project is funded by PMTU and a National TU “Embrace a Stream” grant, work being done by CRA, along with cooperation from the State of Michigan and USFS, and access to the river and material provided by the PM Rod and Gun Club.

All necessary permits have been applied for by CRA and work does not begin until the last permit from EGLE is signed and approved.

The thousands of trees lost in the area during the wind/hail storm in September will provide cost savings on the project and will be moved to the project location beginning in December. The trees that were blown down with root balls attached are apparently “gold” for projects like this. Please don’t be alarmed when you see this work being done. There are no standing trees being cut along the banks of the PM!!!!

Here is a great article on meandering rivers with a great explanation of why projects like this are completed. If the river continued to cut through the top of the Cove, as it has continued to do at a pace of a few feet per year, it would eventually cut through the peninsula. An oxbow would be created and we would lose all of the significant sections of spawning gravels in the cove and the clay banks below, as well as all of the fine holding water around that peninsula.

Thank you to all of the individuals and organizations who have worked so hard to allow this project to come to fruition!!!!

What are your thoughts?