PMTU Purpose

The Pere Marquette Chapter of Trout Unlimited (PMTU) was founded in 2016 and is centered around one of the United State’s premier coldwater fisheries, the Pere Marquette River. In 1884, the first planting of German brown trout in the United States occurred in the Pere Marquette River system on the Baldwin River.

The Pere Marquette River is a state-designated Natural River and Blue Ribbon Trout Stream, and federally recognized Wild and Scenic River. The Pere Marquette flows through the Huron-Manistee National Forest and has no dams on its mainstream.

This map outlines the geographic borders of PMTU.

The watershed encompasses an area of 755 square miles and contains 380 miles of stream including 69.4 miles of mainstem. The watershed is comprised of five major streams including the mainstem, Baldwin River, Middle Branch, Little South Branch, and Big South Branch, and over 75 small feeder creeks. The map on this page shows the geographic borders of the chapter, and you can find an interactive version of the map here.

PMTU is a chapter of the national organization Trout Unlimited and at the state level organization Michigan Trout Unlimited.

PMTU operates as a non-profit organization.

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