Thank you for a successful Embrace a Stream campaign

Thank you for a successful Embrace a Stream campaign

UPDATE November 9, 2020

A sincere THANK YOU to everyone who supported PMTU this past week during our Embrace A Stream Challenge. We raised over $15,000 for our beloved river – top chapter in the country in both number of donors and dollars raised! THANK YOU!
Stay tuned for volunteering opportunities in and around the river next spring, summer and fall.



Friends of the Pere Marquette,

We know how much you all love the PM, so now is the time to “Give it a Big Hug” by supporting the PMTU Embrace a Stream Fundraising Campaign. The Embrace a Stream program is a National Trout Unlimited sponsored campaign that is contributing matching funds to Trout Unlimited chapters across the country that have qualified for grants and been selected to be included in the Embrace a Stream challenge.

For those familiar with the Flies Only Section of the PM we know how valuable this resource is. This is the most heavily visited section of the river, as well as the primary spawning grounds for trout, salmon, and steelhead. Constant erosion has compromised many streambanks releasing tons of sand which covers spawning habitat. PMTU has been actively raising funds and completing stream improvement projects since its founding.

This year PMTU was selected to participate in the Embrace A Stream challenge where 100% of all funds raised will be used to stabilize and prevent further erosion of the bank along what is affectionately known as “The Cove”. The cost of the Cove Project is $35,000.

The Cove lies in the Lower Fly Water, just upstream from the 3rd Claybank where the bank which forms a peninsula along ¼ mile of river. More project detail is provided below and on PMTU Embrace a Stream Fundraising Challenge, but the essence is that continued erosion will not only cover the prime spawning grounds, but if it “pokes a hole” in the peninsula, which is only 40 feet wide, the river will eventually flow straight through, create an oxbow and we will lose forever ¼ mile of prime river between the Cove and Alligator Alley.

We need all the support we can get during this campaign which runs Nov. 2nd- 8th. We are in a friendly competition with 16 other Trout Unlimited Chapters so this your chance help make a statement to the nation showing our pride and how important it is to protect the Pere Marquette River.

To encourage you and add an element of fun PMTU will be randomly awarding prizes each day to donors. Every donor will receive one entry for each $25 dollars donated. We will be posting the winners each day on our Facebook, Instagram and Web site. Good luck!

Please consider a donation, large or small, every dollar matters. Please also consider sharing with your network to spread the word.

Please visit PMTU Embrace a Stream Fundraising Challenge now. Thank you for your support.

– PMTU Board of Directors

Random Donation Prize Schedule

  • November 2nd – Redington Run Reel 5/6 Sand Color
  • November 3rd – PMTU Carhartt Sweatshirt and Winter Cap
  • November 4th – “Water Songs” hard cover book signed by author Bob Linsenman and artist David Ruimveld
  • November 5th – Airflo Superflo Elite – weight forward 5 weight fly line
  • November 6th – “Water Songs” hard cover book and PMTU Trucker Cap
  • November 7th – PMTU Carhartt Sweatshirt and Winter Cap
  • November 8th – PMTU Trucker Hat and Winter Cap

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