New water monitors deployed on PM

New water monitors deployed on PM


In September 2019, PMTU volunteers worked with TU National to install two water monitoring stations that collect real-time water conditions and temperature data on the PM, which is shared on The stations are located near the M-37 bridge (start of the flies-only section) and near Bowman Bridge. Additional monitoring locations are being considered to provide additional coverage.

These monitors will help to protect trout in summer when temperatures are too warm and fishing for trout turns lethal by stressing fish beyond the point they can recover. For example, brook trout begin to stress at 65 degrees. When water temperatures hit 68 degrees both rainbow and brown trout will begin to get stressed and water temperature over 70 degrees could be lethal. The optimal feeding and movement water temperatures for rainbow and brown trout are 44 to 67 degrees. PMTU is working with local shops, outfitters, and other conservation groups to share its link to their websites and Facebook pages. By promoting awareness, the fishing public and fishing guides can seek out sections of cooler water or opt for warm-water species at times when temperatures are too warm.


Some photos of the installed monitoring stations can be seen below.

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