Bob Linsenman previews “Water Songs”

Water Songs book coverPreview by Bob Linsenman

“Water Songs” is not a collection of Bob’s previously published columns or articles, nor excerpts from his previous books.                           

“Water Songs” is a collection of ten, original, short fiction pieces he wrote specifically for a fund raiser for Trout Unlimited over the course of fourteen months. All of the stories have a direct link to trout and the need for cold, clean water. He has donated his entire effort, including author’s royalties, to PMTU. And, David Ruimveld has donated his original artwork for Water Songs as well.

Two versions of “Water Songs” are available for purchase today. Each are hardbound books with dust jackets.


Here is a brief synopsis that will hopefully peak your interest and motivate you to purchase a copy and help fund PMTU’s future conservation projects.

Blue Moon Dancing … a wedding party winds its way from West Yellowstone to Ennis, Montana with a few stops for refreshments along the way.

The Coyote Cup … a hockey tournament in Baldwin to raise money to protect the Great Lakes. Sixteen teams on the circular ice sheet at the same time, sudden death elimination, general mayhem.

Water Songs … an ailing Vietnam veteran on a bucket list tarpon quest in the Everglades.

Witness Protection … hiding from the New York mob, a federal witness ends up guiding gangster steelhead anglers on the Manistee.

The Bubblegum Girl … a female, undercover, narcotics detective with the New Mexico State Police chases a murderous cartel member to Miami Beach.

The Hermit … a WWll veteran, wounded at Normandy, seeks peace and solitude in the pine barrens of northern Michigan.

1977 Moscow … cold war espionage with double cross schemes featuring Nazi brown trout and a custom fly rod.

Saving Sergei … an old, sick circus bear is scheduled for euthanasia, but is “rescued” at gun point and nursed back to health along the upper Pere Marquette.

September 11 … the white fly hatch on that horrible day. Michigan and Ohio anglers meet and try to help each other regain balance.

The Last Brook Trout … environmental protection is removed and the effects are devastating on water and land resources. Fracking has caused earthquakes and, along with accelerated warming, has decimated cold water flows. The last brookie in North America, a small male in a tiny Michigan headwater creek, is no longer.

What are your thoughts?